Vowpal Wabbit
An introduction and hands-on demo

Ariel Faigon, Jul 2013


Slides Presentation (Powerpoint & PDF) vw.ppt     vw.pdf
Code Demo - main script (bash) vw-demo
Random data-set generator (perl) random-poly
Chart density of a single data column (R+ggplot2) distrib.r
Chart one numeric column against another (R+ggplot2) x-vs-y.r

This is an introduction to supervised machine learning, through a presentation and hands-on demo
of one of the best open-source machine learning tools available today:

        vowpal wabbit

In this talk we'll learn:

To run the demo, make sure you have the following prerequisites on your machine: Download the 4 pieces of code from the table above, make sure they are all in the current directory & executable:
chmod +x vw-demo random-poly distrib.r x-vs-y.r
Then run:

The whole demo is scripted, so you just need to read the next command step explanation and hit [enter] repeatedly to run the commands.

Developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux.
Should work whereever   bash + R + vw   are available.
You may need to change $ImgViewer from 'gwenview' on non Linux envs to any utility that can display .png files.

Aug 26, 2013 update:

The "tell signal from noise" demo is now an integral part of John Langford's vowpal wabbit master source-tree on github (directory: demo/random-noise).

2015: statically linked precompiled vw binaries for Linux IA64